Release the sound is an experience that takes you, not only beyond the realm where flesh abides. It is an encounter room where your spirit connects with the place where you originally from. The Fathers voice becomes audible in that room you are aware of the presence of angels and it is something you must witness and experience. Worship, prayer, word and above all else the freedom and liberty to be who you are meant to be. Release the sound is a realm of urgency and connectivity a place where God and man meet. These places and times are precious, it becomes activators and places of realignments in the spirit. A place of propel for whatever you are in expectantly waiting on God for. Nation's gather to hear, to see, and to be reconfigured. Release the Sound is a frequency.

Prophetess Shireen Dreyer Unlimited Vision Family Centre, Cape Town, South Africa

Concerning Release The Sound, all I can say is that it was amazing. I was blessed to sit under the worship of anointed worshippers and people who share The Word God which make you want to draw nearer to Christ Jesus. Everyone who attended this conference had one goal and it was to reach the heart of the Father. Even those who shared the Word wanted you to go into a deeper level of intimacy. The Word which impacted me the most when I was present at the event was that of being in the secret place. This man preached this word into my spirit as he said things like: ‘The ones which carry God's glory are not necessarily the ones you see on the television or on social media, but they are the ones which are hidden in the secret place!’ That had a tremendous impact on me. I was blessed to be there and take part in a movement which is still 'ongoing'. Your life will be impacted, changed and you'll leave there empowered, strengthened and lifted to a higher place in Him!

Pastor Anthony Boschmans Participant

My first experience of release the sound was back in 2020 when I was invited by a friend who knew Apostle Dabo Davies, the founder of Release The Sound. On entering the venue I could sense a real prophetic atmosphere, although at the time, I didn't know that was what it was. That was one of my first times encountering the prophetic in an atmosphere such as this. I remember the strategic prayers and worship that was being released in the atmosphere that really connected with my spirit and made something come alive in me. Little did I know that I was to become a part of this prophetic worshipping house. Household of Mercy became my home, so every year since 2020 I have experienced the life changing (if you want it to be) pour of release the sound where I have seen numerous people receive deliverance, healing in their minds and bodies, and prophetic words and decrees being spoken over their lives. Release the sound is an encounter for spiritual change. And every year God exceeds my expectation and my encounter with Him. I'm proud to be a part of what God is doing through Release the sound in the lives of so many, and my prayer is for many others to experience the same and more. Release the sound I believe is to enable people to release their unique sound to become aware of the sound they carry and to release that sound for change and to help change the lives of others.

Minister Betty Stewart Worship Minister, The Household of Mercy

Attending the Release the Sound conference was an absolute game-changer for me. From the moment I walked through the doors, I felt an overwhelming sense of belonging purpose, and the presence of God's Glory in our midst. The powerful messages delivered by the speakers resonated deeply with me, igniting a fire within my spirit and renewing my faith in ways I never thought possible. The conference provided me with practical tools and strategies to deepen my relationship with God, strengthen my prayer life, and live out my faith boldly. The breakthroughs I received were evident within days of attending. I felt the shift and transformation, of things once lay dormant come to life. Some of the most impactful aspects of the conference were the sense of community, fellowship, love, and a spirit of excellence carried out among the team members. I thoroughly enjoyed Connecting with like-minded individuals who shared my passion for God and His kingdom was incredibly uplifting and encouraging. I left the conference feeling refreshed, empowered, and equipped to impact my town. I am eternally grateful to the Release the Sound Team, for the life-changing experience. It has truly transformed my life and set me on a path of Destiny and purpose in Christ. I highly recommend this conference to anyone seeking to release the sound of Heaven that God has placed inside of everyone. You will not leave the same way that you entered. The encounter I experienced with God at Release the Sound ignited a fire inside that I was able to take back to our local Church.

Pastor Kerry De-Gee Riverway Church, Aylesbury

Pastors Dabo & Elizabeth's ministry has been such a blessing to my wife and I. We have grown to love them as dear friends. It has been an honour to be part of Release the Sound each year. It's in those times we've come out of the shadows and have found confidence in who we are. No longer doubting ourselves, no more limited thinking, but walking in our calling, we have truly released our sound. I highly recommend that you be there this year, you too will feel an unlocking, an activation, a release of your sound. God bless you,

Pastor Jonathan DeGee, Riverway Church ,Aylesbury